Have a question? See our frequently asked questions about BINIBOO to find an answer. If you have more questions about quiet books read an article about common questions about quiet books and how to make them. If you still don’t find your answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I sincerely believe we can create a better world if we give each child a lot of love and an environment, which helps them to develop their full potential.

With quiet books, we will give our beloved children an excellent educational toy. It will help them grow and develop skills, competencies, emotional and personal intelligence, everything while having fun.

My mission is simple. I believe quiet books should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of their income or social status. With this platform, I want to enable (empower) adults to find a way to give a quiet book a child they love.

Help me to achieve my goals that Biniboo Quiet Books will be present in 100+ countries and 1+ million kids will have an opportunity to grow and develop with them.

Let’s make Quiet books together!

Delivery time varies from country to country. I can promise your ordered product will arrive within 30 business days from the day shipped. 

In general you can return the item within 15 days after you received our product (starting the day you received it). 

You must cover the return shipping cost and send us confirmation that the item has been shipped back.

After we receive the item, we will refund your purchase.

You can find more specific return policies for every product we have on the product description page.

We have quiet books (and other products) for different ages, but most of them are for children from 3 to 5 years old. During this period, most children are in a developmental phase where chosen activities are interesting to them. With every quiet book, there is a piece of information about the recommended children’s age.

Yes! We use materials that have EN 71 or OEKO-TEX safety certificates. Only the best for you and your child!

If you want to make a Quiet book, activity page or any other educational aid you find in my Quiet book library

AND you know how to handle a sewing machine and basic sewing techniques

OR you have a hot glue gun, felt glue, or permanent fabric glue then

YES, the instructions are perfect for you.

No. Most of our patterns and instructions are also made for the no-sew method. So you will need a suitable glue. However, there are some patterns, which are suitable just for the sewing technique. For making those specific patterns, you will need a sewing machine and knowledge of basic sewing techniques.

You can create one by yourself if the specific quiet book is suitable for no-sew method. Or you can simply buy our quiet books in our quiet book shop

Yes, sure, you can. Just be aware in all our instructions we are using directions relevant for the materials in our pre-cut DIY kits. You can find the same material we use in our Shop in Craft Materials.

If you purchased the interfacing by yourself, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Because of the different quality of felt, always try first, how the felt react on the max iron temperature.

The fabric in our pre-cut packages is washed and ready for immediate use. If you purchased the fabrics yourself, always wash it first.

If you make a sewn quiet book from our materials and our tutorials you can wash it by hand in water up to 40 ° C (104 F) with mild soap. Dry the book in the air, do not expose it to direct sunlight.

If you want to make a no-sew quiet book from our materials and tutorials, you should always make tests with the glue before you start gluing the book. In every our DIY kit we send you some test pieces and the tutorial, how to make tests to see if the glue you want to use is okay.

If the test samples survive the conditions for washing ( wash it by hand in water up to 40 ° C (104 F) with mild soap), you can wash your finished book, too.

If you follow my instructions, the quiet book (or any other product from my DIY kits) you make will be safe. 

However, please understand, the use of the final product you make from any of my DIY kits is at your own risk.

BINIBOO is not responsible for any damage to you or your child that could occur while making or playing with the final product you made. 

When you finish creating the product please check if all seams or glued parts are firm and nothing is loose. Always be present and have control over your child while playing. If the final product contains small or removable particles those may present a potential choking hazard. 

These DIY projects are not for children to make; 18+ is the advised appropriate age.

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We also have a Pinterest account, where you can find our pins about Quiet books, DIY Crafts, Child Development, and more!

BINIBOO owns all the patterns, and instructions on biniboo.com. Unauthorized copying and distribution of the entire instructions or its parts is not permitted and is not legal! These instructions are for personal use only. Mass production, re-sale, and distribution of patterns, photos, or instructions are prohibited. Please do not sell the quiet book or quiet book’s pages made from these instructions. By using our patterns and instructions, you agree to these terms.

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