My Mission

A quiet book for everyone

I believe quiet books should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of their income or social status. That’s why I want to design and create beautiful quiet books and offer free instructions and patterns so every parent or grandparent will have the opportunity to give a quiet book to the child they love.

Why Biniboo?


We have knowledge of different fields of child development. We are passionate about understanding child interests, needs, and how their brain works.


Our products are durable. They endure children’s play, their testing, and exploration. Less is more—fewer toys, but higher quality, with thoughtful intentions. 


We observe our children, how they play, what their interests are, how they respond. All of our books are tested by our loved ones, and they are genuine critics.

Goals to reach


Children from 100+ countries play and learn with Biniboo quiet books.


Help 1 million children grow and develop skills with our quiet books.


Create 50+ activities every year to help parents educate their children though fun.

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