My Story

It all started when I wanted to give my nephew a present. A present that wouldn’t be just another plastic toy he would get tired of in a few weeks. But something that would be interesting for a few years and would encourage imagination, fine motor skills, good behavior and of course his personality development.

After thinking for a while, an idea popped into my mind, to make him a quiet book, which would be tailor-made for his age and interests. I started exploring what kind of activities a 3-year-old finds challenging. What behavior did I want to help encourage? Which fine motor exercises can I transform into a game?

Shoelace tying was the obvious first choice, and soon the first page was made. The more I got into making other pages, the more ideas I got. Soon my first book containing 10 activities was made.

I was very excited to, finally, hand over the book to my nephew. When he got it, I couldn’t believe the concentration, focus, and excitement! And it was the same experience over and over again.

Watching my nephew play, I realized how important it is to think about what kind of toys our children are using. There are too many plastic toys that don’t encourage any aspect of a child’s development. With that in mind, I decided I want to offer something different, unique, and educational to other children as well.

I started to turn ideas into reality and Biniboo was born.

I wish that many children would have the opportunity to learn this way and develop the necessary skills, competencies, and behavior while playing.

first quiet book i made for my nephew
The first quiet book I made for my nephew.
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