Quiet book pattern Hippo Teeth Activiy Page

Quiet Book Pattern - Hippo Teeth

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This Biniboo Quiet book Hippo Teeth activity page is excellent for fine motor skills, learning a child’s routine, and the importance of teeth brushing.

If you just started planning your quiet book, I suggest you read the Quiet book Guide, where you can find out how to choose the best activity pages for your child and what is the general procedure of making a quiet book.

If you want to use the no-sew method, I kindly suggest reading an article about gluing before you start, to find out if your glue is suitable for making no-sew quiet book activities. Also, do a test and make sure your hot glue doesn’t melt the felt. 
If you will make a sewn quiet book, make sure you know how to sew felt in quiet books correctly.

quiet book hippo no-sew page
Finished activity in a no-sew method
Quiet Book Hippo Teeth Page
Finished activity in a sewing method



If you haven’t already, first, create a fabric page base (sewing) or felt page base (no-sew). Download and print the FREE PDF Hippo Quiet Book Pattern for this activity and cut out all the shapes. You can find the pattern at the bottom of the page.

Put the paper pieces on a stiff felt, transcribe them, and then cut them out from felt. If you don’t want to waste hours searching for all the materials you need and transcribing and cutting the felt, check my DIY store where you can buy a pre-cut DIY kit for this activity page.

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Check if you have everything you need to make this quiet book Hippo page.


Place a pot and purple hippo head on the prepared page.

Be sure to put the pot away enough from the edges of the page, so toothbrush and won’t look out of the edges when inside the pot.

Glue or sew the right, bottom, and left side of the pot. Leave the top side open to insert a toothbrush and toothpaste later.
No-sew method: Be careful to put glue just on the edges of the pot. Otherwise, the toothbrush and toothpaste won’t fit into the pot.

Also, glue or sew around the purple hippo head.


Put the light gray hippo mouth on the purple felt – with it, you will easier put hippo’s eyes in the right place. Put the white eyes on the purple head and glue or sew them.

Now put the black eyes on the white felt and glue or sew them.


Draw a line of the gray mouth on the purple head with an erasable marker.


Glue or sew around 5 small teeth.


Make a mark on a light gray felt.


Put two black nose holes on the light gray felt and glue or sew them around.


No-sew method: Place two big white teeth on the second light gray felt and glue them.

Take the light gray rectangle and put it on the backside of the light gray piece within marks and glue it.

Put both gray mouth pieces together. Be sure black nose holes are looking out. Glue them together.

Sewing method: Put two big white teeth between two pieces of light gray felt and sew around. You don’t need a light gray rectangle piece as for the no-sew method.


No-sew method: Put the glue on the backside of the remaining part of the gray rectangle and glue it on the purple head. The edge of the grey felt and the long line on the purple head should be aligned.

Sewing method: Align the mouth piece with the long line on the purple head and sew from one to another small mark on the mouth you made before.


Insert the white felt piece between two red pieces and glue everything together or sew around.


Put the small teeth on the blue felt and glue or sew around.


Put a small white piece in between two blue pieces (white teeth looks out) and glue everything together or sew around.

Place a toothbrush and toothpaste inside the pot.

You finished the Biniboo Quiet Book Hippo Teeth activity page. Congrats!

quiet book pattern hippo
Quiet Book Activity Hippo
quiet book page hippo

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Quiet book pattern Hippo Teeth Activiy Page
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