Quiet Book Binding For Connecting All The Pages Together


In this article I’m going to brief you with the basics of quiet book binding, tell you about different types of bindings and their pros and cons, and show you where to find step-by-step tutorials of different bindings I prepared in my patterns library.

But before you start reading the step-by-step quiet book binding tutorials, you should read this guide so you don’t make a mistake.

quiet book binding pin

Here’s the first mistake to avoid.

When you make all the activity pages, it’s time for quiet book binding. But be aware: you should think about how to bind a quiet book before you start making the pages! 

Let’s take a look why.

When you want to put quiet book activities in an actual book, first, you have to create quiet book sheets (2 pages put together) and then bind them together.

First, you put two and two activity pages together. Remember to put one activity page along with the front cover page, and one with the back cover page. Yes, you’re right; the number of activities in a quiet book should be even. 

I like to put the fusible fleece in the middle of two activity pages. It makes the quiet book sheet soft and gives it volume.

Quiet book binding. First you have to make quiet book sheets.
Combine activity pages in quiet book sheets

Including front and back cover page and the number of activity pages, you can see that:

  • for 6 activities – you get 2 inside sheets;
  • for 8 activities – you get 3 inside sheets (as on the illustration);
  • for 10 activities – you get 4 sheets inside sheets.

As I talked in chapter 6 already, you can see in the illustration, why having 6 to 10 activity pages for one quiet book, is best. It makes it look like a book. With only 4 activities you’ll end up with only one inside sheet, which doesn’t really look like a book.


in my opinion, 8 activities are the sweet spot. It’s just enough for a child to be entertained, and it’s not stuffed with too many activities at once.

Once you have all the sheets done, you can make quiet book binding. 

So, how to bind quiet book sheets together?

There are several binding methods, from simpler to more complex. We can divide them all into two groups:

Adjustable binding is quiet book binding, where we can replace activity pages,


Firm binding, which is quiet book binding where we sew activity pages together, and we cannot replace them later.

Some examples of adjustable and firm bindings:

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There is many combinations and options.

Both adjustable and firm quiet book bindings have pros and cons. 

The most significant advantage of adjustable bindings is that you can easily add or change activities over time, and the book grows with your child. Usually, you will make the adjustable binding more quickly than firm binding. 

Such bindings are practical if one page accidentally gets torn. It hasn’t happened to me yet, as these books are incredibly resistant. If that happens, repair the page or replace it with a new one. You can also wash the sheets separately, which can come in handy.

To illustrate:

The easiest and quickest possible (adjustable) binding is where you make holes on the felt sheets and link pages together in a book by rope or metal ring binders.

The easies adjustable binding: holes in the felt and metal rings.

If you don’t have metal rings, you can use cord or elastic rope.

The advantage of firm bindings is that these bindings are more durable. A child can’t take it off, and you can’t lose the book pages. The quiet books with firm binding usually have a more professional look.

It is possible to make firm binding even if you don’t sew and using only a no-sew method while creating a quiet book. Just check our quiet book patterns library for different bindings.

Bias binding (sewing method only).
Basic binding (sewing option).


why is it wise you decide about the binding before you start to create quiet book pages?

Because for different binding methods (well, actually for different sheets), we can adjust quiet book page sizes. 

For adjustable bindings, typically, you will make holes directly on the activity page. So you will need space for the holes and have to be careful to alter the activity itself. 

Adjustable binding wit eylets and elastic cord.

You can also make non-square, but the rectangular shape of the pages, just to make some extra space for the holes.

Or you can sew additional strip, where you will add holes.

Additional strip on the page, where you make holes.

If you make adjustable or firm quiet book binding, you should also ask yourself if you will make decorative edges on the quiet book sheets or not. Depending on which option you choose, the preparing page bases method is different. Be aware you can make decorative edges with the sewing method only.

Left: decorative edges (sewing only), Right: A sheet without decorative edges (no-sew & sewing method).

It is wise to decide in advance about the binding. It may depend on how we strengthen the fabric before we even start sewing activities on the page.

quiet book binding pin

Summing up

We know adjustable and firm quiet book bindings. The difference is, with first you can put activity pages in and out, but with firm binding, you can’t.

You should think about quiet book binding before you start making the book because what you choose has an impact on page sizes and how you are strengthening the page bases.

In the next chapter, I will share 15 tips for saving time, nerves, and money while making your quiet book!

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