This is my family, and we are devoted to help
children learn and grow through creativity and fun.

Me and my family

Hi! I’m Jona, and I’m passionate about helping children grow and learn while playing. I’m a former youth trainer and have dedicated the past ten years to educate young adults about leadership skills and competencies.

I discovered quiet books when I wanted to create something different for my nephew for his birthday. I put a lot of time and effort into understanding what a quiet book has to offer. I started to get passionate about quiet books, and when my husband and I got our first child, I knew right away, this will be our way of helping children learn and grow. 

This website is my way of sharing all my ideas, patterns, and instructions so that everyone can make this fantastic educational toy for their child. 

Why Quiet Books?

A quiet book is a perfect toy for every child. There are endless options on which areas of child development different activities should focus on. 

It is an all-around educational toy that increases creativity and imagination and can include parents into play in various ways. It’s basically one of the few toys a child really should have.

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