The Essential Guide to Quiet Books


The most comprehensive resource to learn why quiet books are perfect toys for children, and how to make or buy them, to best fit your child.

The Essential Guide to Quiet Books is full of insights and tips for parents, grandparents, preschool teachers, and anyone else looking to understand how quiet books help a child to develop, and to learn how to make or buy one that is ideal for your children.

Don’t spend days researching about quiet books as I did and read this guide to avoid the false starts and missteps that come with creating or even buying a quiet book for your child.

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What is a Quiet Book?

A Quiet book is a book for kids made of fabric or felt. Usually, it’s handmade. It contains different page activities that engage a child’s mind. Quiet books are suitable for different child’s ages, from one to six years or more.

But the best part…

They are excellent for independent play, fun interacting play with parents, and as a smartphone or a tablet replacement for keeping your child busy and quiet when necessary.

Quiet books also go by different names such as a busy book, soft book, silent book, felt book, or activity book.

Children love to play with them because they offer lots of challenges and problem-solving activities, and it’s so much fun to play with them. Parents also fancy quiet books because they encourage a child’s imagination and creativity. But the best part is, they help to develop different skills.

And what makes a quiet book so special?

Let’s take a look.

What Are the Benefits of a Quiet Book?

Giving an ideal quiet book to your child will not only help them in multiple ways, but will also benefit you as a parent:

  • It will increase their focus, persistence, and attention span so
  • You won’t feel like you’re needed every minute and will have some time for yourself.
  • It will encourage a child’s creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills and
  • You will have a great resource to spend quality time with your child when playing with them.

So basically, it’s the best educational toy for your child…

Here’s how you can make it even better:

Learn the Basics and Provide The Ideal Quiet Book to Your Child

The truth is, if you understand the basic principles of quiet books, you will know how to buy or make an ideal quiet book for your child. Such a book will be interesting for your child for a long time.

Quiet books should be all about knowing your child’s development stages and interests.

At Biniboo, my objective is to give you the knowledge required to choose or create a quiet book that will suit perfectly to your child. Without spending days to figure everything out and being overwhelmed in this process like I was.

Yes. Days.

But don’t get frightened…

I want to show you how you can create a beautiful quiet book even if you are not the most creative person and even if you don’t know how to sew.

As you’ll see in this guide, the first two sections will be critical for your understanding of quiet books as educational toys. Then, in chapter 3, I’ll help you decide whether you want to buy or create one – and if so, what are the benefits of sewing vs. gluing it.

Furthermore, I’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial of all the core stages in the process of making a quiet book. I’ll cover each of these stages in depth in chapters 6-8 of this Essential Guide to Quiet books.

And finally, a bonus chapter with some tips and tricks to make a quiet book creation easier.

About the Essential Guide to Quiet Books

Quiet books are one of the best known educational toys for toddlers, preschoolers, and grade-schoolers.

It’s not rocket science how to make them. Or how to make the right decision which one to buy. If you know your child’s interests and the development milestones ahead, you can successfully recognize the ideal activities which should be in a quiet book for your child.

The Essential Guide to Quiet Books covers:

  • basic understandings about quiet books as toys.
  • the most important factors to consider when buying or making a quiet book for a child.
  • the general process of making a quiet book, so you will always know what the next step is.

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What You’ll Learn

In this Essential guide, I will cover three main areas of quiet books:

The Reason: understanding why quiet books are essential educational toys for children. It’s about main child development domains you should be aware of when buying or creating a quiet book.

The Methods: the processes you’ll use to create your plan and then execute it and buy or create an ideal quiet book for your child. All the details, tips, and wide picture for you, to make the book quickly and without frustrations.

The Lingo: the terminology so that you can communicate (and create) without misinterpretations.

I organized this Ultimate Guide in a logical progression. Of course, you are most welcome to read only the chapters you are interested in.


If you would like to get the whole picture of quiet books, I recommend you read through the chapters in order.

Take your time. If you want to make your own quiet book, read and study one chapter, and apply what you learn. Then move on to the next section.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can create a quiet book, which one will be exactly as you imagined it. Step-by-step, with no overwhelming feeling, enjoying the process.

Ready to start?

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A quiet book is not just a toy for your child to pass some time. It’s an educational toy, which has, like other educational toys, a “hidden” purpose.

But unlike other educational toys, quiet books can be tailor-made to your child’s needs and can cover all areas of child development.

It’s like a bundle of educational toys in one.

Knowing a little bit about child development areas and stages will give you a better understanding of what kind of quiet book your child needs.

If you do it right, you can really impact your child’s growth.

Learn the basics of overall child development to understand all the benefits that quiet books offer.



A lot of parents like Montessori education and are wondering if a quiet book can count as a Montessori toy (or as they say it, material) or is Montessori aligned?

I’ll break down what are Montessori materials, what does it takes for a toy to be Montessori aligned, and is a Quiet book either of those.

If you like Montessori education and also quiet books, check out this article to see how you can make something like a quiet book Montessori aligned toy.



A quiet book is an exceptional educational toy, and for your child to have it, there are only two options, really.

Either you buy it or create one yourself (unless you get it as a present).

What are some pros and cons of both options? What does it take to make it? What to consider when buying it? Those are just a few of the questions I’ll try to answer in this article.

If you think you’re not a “creative” type and believe you can’t do it, I’ll do my best to give you a morale boost and tell you simple ways anyone can make a quiet book.



Should you create a quiet book with a quick and easy no-sewing method, or take some time and sew everything?

There are many benefits to using a no-sew method, but also quite a few warnings if you decide not to sew.

I always encourage sewing, as it makes a quiet book durable, and you generally don’t have to worry about something falling apart. But a no-sew quiet book can also be a reasonable and quick solution. Better to create one than not at all.

I wrote this article to help you decide on what technique to choose.



There are so many different types of quiet books you can make, and thus you can use many combinations of materials.

Quiet book materials research can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have something exact in mind as I did.

I combined different methods and came up with a quiet book that looks nice, feels soft and natural, but is also firm and durable.

I lay down everything you need to know about quiet book materials and tools you need to create one in this article.



No matter what kind of quiet book you’re making, there will always be general creation phases you’ll go through:

choosing the page base material and prepping it,
creating activity on that page,
and binding the pages together,

I’ll go through each phase to give you some guidelines to follow regardless of what type of quiet book you want to create.

You’ll find different links to step-by-step tutorials on how to make a quiet book for each phase that’ll help you create a quiet book for your child.



If you want to make your selection of quiet book activities easier, you should read these guidelines to help you understand what is important to think about when in the selection process.

A quiet book can be a very nice toy for your child.

But if you put in just a little extra effort in choosing the right activities it can be great and helpful educational toy.

See how to combine your child’s age, development needs and interest into activities to get the best quiet book ideas and create a great educational toy for your child



What quiet book binding you choose will affect your sewing or gluing process. It’s important to think about the binding beforehand to avoid critical mistakes that can cost you time an money. There are so many different bindings. In this article you’ll find two basic quiet book binding types and links to step-by-step binding tutorials. In this article you’ll learn how quiet book binding works, and the pros and cons of binding types 



Creating your 10th quiet book is a lot easier than your first one.

Every process has it’s learning curve, and even if you follow step-by-step tutorials there will always be something you’ll need to figure out by yourself.

This whole guide is designed to help you make your first quiet book as you would your tenth.

Here you’ll find out what were the things I had to figure out by myself and are not already described in other parts of the quiet book guide.

Have a look at 13 additional quiet book tips to speed up your learning curve.



You’ve learned a lot in this Essential Guide to Quiet Books, and should have all the essential information about creating quiet books.

But now it’s time to put the theory into practice and start the hard work.

Here’s your next step…


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