13 Quiet Book Tips for Saving Time, Nerves, and Money


Even if you strictly follow step-by-step quiet book tutorials, there will be a point where you’ll get stuck, or the process will take much longer than it should.

To help you out, I created 13 quiet book tips that helped me save time and nerves and make fewer mistakes in the process – which can also save you some money.

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Quiet Book Tip 1:

Take your time and make a good plan. If you plan everything before you start cutting and sewing right away, you will feel confident, and you will always know where you are.

You will also be able to buy all the materials at once, which is a huge time saver.

Without a plan, you risk getting lost and confused about what you should do next. Or you will do many many more additional steps than necessary.

Quiet Book Tip 2:

For cutting, I suggest you have two pairs of scissors, one big fabric scissors, and one small for cutting fine details. Both should be SHARP.

Without sharp scissors, there’s a high chance you’ll be asking yourself, “why on earth am I doing this?”. And also, you’ll lose a lot of time, and your hand will hurt more.

Yes, even with sharp scissors, cutting all the felt pieces can be a painful process.

Quiet Book Tip 3:

For cutting very detailed objects, I suggest you use freezer paper. If you don’t have freezer paper, you can also help with translucent adhesive tape.

Quiet Book Tip 4:

When you decide on quiet book page size and how you will strengthen the page base, make a template. This way, all the page bases you’ll make will be the same size without significant deviations.

Check out how I am using the template here.

Quiet Book Tip 5:

Before starting anything, always check out how felt interacts with heat (check if you can iron felt without damaging).

Quiet Book Tip 6:

Make your cover pages from lovely patterned fabric (animals, vehicles, flowers, cartoon characters, other objects).

This way, you won’t need to do any additional sewing or gluing on the covers, and they will still be attractive for your child!

Quiet Book Tip 7:

Don’t put too many things on one activity page. I recommend you to concentrate on one challenge your child should do on every activity page.

This way, your child will know what they should focus on the page. And you will make the page much quicker than the page full of different details that don’t contribute to the development of the chosen skill.

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Quiet Book Tip 8:

You can combine a no-sew and sewing method. With a no-sew method, you will make everything faster, and you can use a sewing method for the things you can’t create with a no-sew method.

Quiet Book Tip 9:

If you want to use fabric, always pre-wash and iron it. In this case, it won’t shrink when you wash your quiet book, and the quiet book will still look beautiful.

Quiet Book Tip 10:

Try to find a fabric or felt bundles to save some money. But don’t save money on quality – be sure that the fabric and felt have the necessary certificates to show they are safe to use for kid toys.

Quiet Book Tip 11:

When you are making activity pages, always leave 1.5 cm (0.6″) at the edges. This way, the activity pages will look more beautiful, and you will make bindings easier.

Quiet Book Tip 12:

When you start making activity pages, start with simple ones. You will quickly learn the process of making the activity pages, and you will see the process quickly.

You will get motivation busts, and for every new activity page, you will be more confident. And you will be able to predict possible mistakes you could make.

Quiet Book Tip 13:

If you are using a sewing method – use felt glue to fix the small felt parts before sewing, so they don’t move while sewing.

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Now just put everything you know into action and make a beautiful quiet book!

But before you do that I invite you to read the final chapter to see how you can put everything you know in practice and create a beautiful quiet book like a pro.

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