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Welcome to Biniboo Quiet Books

Hi! My name is Jona, and I’m the creator of Biniboo Quiet Books. I fell in love with quiet books when I was looking for a meaningful present for my nephew.

Since I created my first one, I can’t stop thinking about what else can I make and how can I create a beautiful educational activity.

I created this website for you, because I believe that every child deserves a quiet book, regardless of social status or family income.

That’s why I offer free quiet book patterns and step-by-step instructions for different activity pages.

Me and my husband and son

Why I fell in love with quiet books

Quiet books help your child grow

Quiet Books are a great educational toy that help increase child’s focus, persistence, and attention span.

Quality time with quiet books

Playing with quiet books together with your child is a fun way to spend quality time together.

Quiet books for every age

You can find quiet books suitable for every child development stage.

A great unique gift

A quiet book can be a wonderful, unique and personal present whether you buy or create it yourself.

Encourage skills development

Activities are designed to encourage child creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

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