Ladybug Quiet Book Maze Page (2)

Quiet Book Pattern - Ladybug Maze

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+ prepared quiet book page base
+ tulle fabric 21×21 cm (¼ x 8 ¼ in)
+ 3x flower buttons
+ 3x ladybugs


This Biniboo Ladybug Quiet book Maze activity page is great for fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, comparing, and matching.

If you just started planning your quiet book, I suggest you read the Quiet book Guide, where you can find out how to choose the best activity pages for your child and what is the general procedure of making a quiet book. 

You can create this activity page with the sewing method only. I recommend you make this activity on the fabric page base.

I kindly suggest you read an article on how to sew felt in quiet books correctly.



If you haven’t already, first, create a fabric page base. Download and print the FREE Biniboo PDF Ladybug Maze Quiet Book Pattern for this activity. You can find the pattern at the bottom of the page.

If you don’t want to waste time and nerves searching for all the materials you need, check my DIY store where you can buy a DIY kit for this activity page.

Do You Want to Create a Quiet Book With This Activity?

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sewing ladybug maze DIY quiet book kit

Check if you have everything you need to make this quiet book Ladybug Maze page.


Put the paper at the back of the fabric page base and transcribe the lines of the maze with the erasable pen. You will copy the lines easily when you put the fabric page with the paper on the window (the more sun outside the better).


Secure the tulle (mash) fabric on the fabric page. Make sure it looks over the fabric edges on all four sides.


Sew the maze lines. Use the triple stitch. Don’t worry if you don’t sew exactly on the drawn lines. Just be sure you make the right angles when changing line directions.


Cut all the excess threads on the activity page.


Let’s sew buttons on. First, you should lower the feed dog. Also, be sure you have the bobbin thread 10 cm (2 in) long.


Put the button on the marked dot and the stiff fusible interfacing at the backside of the activity page. Lower the foot to hold the button in place. If you don’t have the presser food for buttons, sew a button without the presser foot.

Adjust the stitch width so the needle will enter the left hole of the button, for our flower buttons use the 2.0 stitch width. Turn the handwheel so that the needle will enter the right hole of the button. Readjust the stitch width if necessary. Stitch several times.


After you finish sewing, cut the threads but leave approximately 10 cm (2 in) of both threads. Bring the needle threads to the backside of the activity page and make a knot with bobbin threads. Cut the excess threads.

Sew on another two buttons.


In this step the instructions are different for basic or bias binding method.

Basic binding: cut the corners of the Tulle fabric and fold the edges on the backside of the activity page. Sew around the edges of the activity page.

Bias binding: cut the excess of the Tulle fabric, so the tule fabric will be aligned with the activity page.


Put all three ladybugs between the fabric page and the Tulle fabric.

You finished the Biniboo Ladybug Quiet Book Maze activity page. Congrats!

quiet book page ladybug
quiet book patterns ladybug


Ready to create a Quiet Book?

Check out my newest quiet book patterns and instructions or go straight to the library →

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Ladybug Quiet Book Maze Page (2)
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